Our Business And Commercial Law Services

At Good Wildman, we provide counsel and representation to entrepreneurs, businesses and other entities in Orange County and throughout Southern California in a variety of complex business and commercial law matters.

Our practice is well-equipped to assist clients with local, national and international interests throughout all stages of their business's lifecycle. Whether representing clients through formation, mergers and acquisitions, or sale or dissolution, our years of legal and professional experience help us to efficiently and expeditiously assist clients in achieving their goals.

Sophisticated Representation For The Modern Business Environment

The attorneys and professionals at Good Wildman combine legal and professional skill sets spanning a range of industries not often found at a small practice. Whether you are at the planning stage of a new venture or are an established business preparing to expand, we provide legal services that protect your immediate and long-term interests in all aspects of commercial and business law and litigation:

  • Formation: Our lawyers provide advice and support to clients creating various business entities, including: limited liability companies (LLCs), sole proprietorships, partnerships, joint ventures, franchises, nonprofits as well as corporate planning and public corporations.
  • Contracts: We draft, review and litigate contracts including: commercial real estate contracts (purchase/sale, commercial lease, etc.); employment and shareholder agreements; licensing agreements; vendor and customer contracts; non-compete, nonsolicitation and nondisclosure agreements for employers and employees; shareholder agreements; construction-related agreements (contractor and subcontractor agreements); breach of contract, contract termination and contract enforcement.
  • Employment: We represent and advise employers and employees in compliance, planning and enforcement matters, including: wage-and-hour violations; employee compensation; wrongful termination; allegations of discrimination and sexual harassment; exemption status; compliance in employee policies; and class action suits.
  • Intellectual Property: Of-counsel attorney, Douglas M. Vickery, provides more than 30 years of experience providing trademark and copyright compliance and representation to clients attempting to leverage and protect their intellectual property.
  • Business operations: We work closely with our clients in operations and compliance matters to promote long-term success while avoiding potential liabilities during all phases of business planning. Our attorneys act as general business counsel when drafting important documents and assist in the creation of company policies and handbooks. We also assist with tax planning and compliance matters.
  • Litigation: As a litigation firm, we help businesses effectively resolve civil and business-related disputes by balancing legal objectives with the realities of maintaining daily operations. Our attorneys have handled well over 100 jury trials in California's superior courts as well as the federal district courts.

Intelligent Legal Services Informed By Practical Experience

Good Wildman's Irvine, California, law office can be reached at 949-955-1100 or via email by completing the firm's online contact form. Our firm represents clients throughout Southern California and others across the country.