Trust And Probate Litigation And Administration

At Good Wildman, our attorneys have years of experience handling complex trust and probate litigation and administration matters on behalf of individuals and business clients throughout California. We are a team of accomplished trial lawyers with a wealth of experience in the California probate courts. Furthermore, we understand the emotional and financial challenges facing clients who have lost a loved one and want to protect their personal and professional interests as well as their loved one's legacy.

Whether resolving disputes regarding wills and trusts, navigating the administration of a trust, or assisting conservators controlling corporate interests, we have the knowledge and legal resources to protect our clients' interests at every step.

Our Trust And Probate Litigation Services

Trust and probate litigation are complex areas of the law requiring comprehensive knowledge of the legal, financial, tax and familial components that come into play. Although the probate process is intended to orchestrate a smooth transition of property and assets after the death of an individual, there are numerous complications that can stall proceedings such as accusations of financial elder abuse, undue influence, capacity issues as well as creditor claims. As your attorneys, we can clearly explain these issues and present options for reaching a solution that protects the legacy of the deceased as well as the interests of heirs and beneficiaries.

Below are some of the common types of probate and estate litigation matters we handle:

  • Will and trust contests
  • Disputes regarding the accounting of a trust or estate
  • Valuation disagreements
  • Third-party claims
  • Breach of fiduciary duty (mismanagement of assets and conflicts of interest)
  • Lack of capacity
  • Undue influence
  • Actions to remove a fiduciary
  • Contested conservatorship
  • Litigation surrounding inventory and appraisal
  • Petitioning for property that has been improperly titled
  • Modification of a trust by the consent of the beneficiaries
  • Probate appeals

Experienced Representation In Probate and trust Administration

In California, the probate process can be costly and time-consuming. Our attorneys minimize time and expenses by helping clients understand their roles and responsibilities. By using our knowledge of tax and estate planning when handling probate and estate administration, we can better advise heirs and beneficiaries on how to protect their interests, help successor trustees understand administration responsibilities, and ultimately discharge probate and trust administration responsibilities quickly and effectively.

Many of our clients possess large, complex estates involving business and corporate interests. We have the experience and resources to handle even the most sophisticated matters, and assist clients in the following:

  • Preparation of necessary court documents
  • Working with trustees and personal representatives in all legal and tax issues
  • Appointment of an executor
  • Notification of beneficiaries and heirs
  • Resolving creditor claims
  • Discovery and valuation of assets
  • The distribution and sale of assets
  • Asset review
  • Payment of estate taxes

Each probate and trust administration case presents its own unique challenges. In many instances, divorce and family law matters, tax planning, and business or commercial interests all factor into probate or the administration of an estate. Our breadth and depth of experience in numerous practice areas allows us to effectively resolve our clients' affairs in the most expeditious manner.

Your Advisers During Probate And Trust Administration

At Good Wildman, we offer full-spectrum legal services ranging from estate and tax planning to complex trust and probate administration and litigation. It's this comprehensive approach that helps us better anticipate complications, limit liability and protect our clients' interests when disputes arise.

Our Irvine, California, law office can be reached at 949-955-1100 or via email. We routinely work with clients in Orange County and throughout Southern California.