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Douglas M. Vickery


Douglas M. Vickery specializes in trademark, copyright, corporate and construction law. For over 30 years he has worked with clients to grow their businesses and increase profits by leveraging their technology and intellectual property. He has represented many of the leading companies in the action sports field including Hurley International in the drafting and negotiation of license, endorsement, distribution and sales representative agreements as well as antitrust compliance counseling. Mr. Vickery advises companies in the apparel, petrochemical, book publishing, software, engineering, automation and photography fields. He has also represented developers, general contractors and subcontractors on construction law matters. Mr. Vickery was appointed by the Special Master as one three liaison counsel to coordinate the efforts of 85 attorneys for the subcontractors in the Ocean Hills v. Leisure Technology case which was at the time the largest settlement in San Diego construction defect history.

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